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2 million views Actually 26 million views

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

I have been putting up my pano photos on Google maps. I started doing this a year ago to show someone even if it was just 3 people how cool a pano can be. I would walk into something as mundane as Target and take a photo of the shelves and there you have a pano.

But one thing I noticed is after a short time it got over 600,000 views. So that means a zillion people went to google maps and found Target and for maybe one second they look at my photo.

Ok, so great , but does this help in anyway to get my webpage Michael Lipman Photography any more traffic? I really have no idea. But its got to do something.

One photo of the Shedd Aquarium got over 2 million views.

I find it interesting to shoot these so its fun. Its a different perspective than the professional architectural photography. So if I am in Chicago or Miami

This got over 5 million views as a single photo.

Here a photo I did for Columbia Care who owns the Cannabist.

I would really love it if someone called Michael Lipman Photography and said I know you are a Chicago architectural photographer but we would like to see something like a Pano,

Can you go photograph our boring restaurant and make it fun.?

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