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Photographing Amiri on Walton Street.

A couple of months ago, I photographed the Chicago Store Amiri 46 E Walton Street

in Chicago. The goal of the photoshoot was to not only document the space

and capture the design, but to also create some "sexy" images that would look like

spring . So as a chicago architectural photographer I used a huge black scrim to

minimize the reflections. I used lights on the outside at oblique angles to light the


Store fronts are your typical architectural photography shoot. I am a control freak.

I am used to having command of a majority of variables: schedule, time of day,

what lights to leave on/off, closing windows to control light spill and reflections, But windows create a lot of challenges

Thanks for hopping onto to my blog. Here you’ll find musings, ramblings and

general thoughts on a variety of topics related to filmmaking and architectural

photography, ranging from project case studies and gear reviews to business

tactics and industry predictions.

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